Fero Glitz is now MY FERO!

Fero Glitz is now MY FERO!

Happy Friday Fero Fam! 

Your probably thinking hmmm whats the name change about right? Well, team Fero has been working for a while behind the scenes to incorporate more than just glitter. Though we adore being sparkly like a stripper 24/7 (yep even the coffee sparkles around here lol) we feel us pivoting in a new direction with adding new products to our line. 

First things first, we love you for sticking with us...THANK YOU from the bottom of our blingy hearts!


So where are we?

let's talk about why things are changing. It's no secret that these past months have been challenging for all of us both in our personal lives, jobs, kids and for those who own businesses many of us have experienced some hardships, some more than others. We are no different. Though we thank God that we continue business (somewhat) as usual because I run Fero out of our home, I recognize that something needed to change.

As this illness wreaked havoc on so many around the world business owners came to experience change in pricing on both products and shipping. It's no secret that 99% of glitter suppliers get their product from overseas and while Fero orders in large quantities monthly we are still a small fish in a large pond (that was intentional we like our little Fero Fam)

So we came to a crossroads...Do we continue to order from overseas or do we pivot and source as much product as we can from America? We chose option B. The last thing we want to do is pass on any crazy price hikes onto our loyal customers. That's exactly what I have promised from the beginning I would NOT do and I keep my word! Now this does not change (at least in the immediate future) monthly Glitz Packs but it will change what our everyday inventory looks like. At the moment there is no glitter on the site simply because i'm working on inventory but it will be back up soon.

Where are we headed?

I'm glad you asked! uffff, now that the not so fun stuff is out of the way let's talk about what the future holds. Well let's start with www.feroglitz.com is now www.MyFero.com! Same look just new name. We wanted a name that would incorporate everything we want to do and not just reference the bling, you know? We will still have some sparkle but as the inventory depletes we will not be restocking colors, at least for now. We will continue waterslide and digital designs because I love creating those and acrylic blanks will also continue! yay! So what else is new you ask? For those of you that are in our Facebook groups you may have seen me polling our members and that's because we have decided to add DIY paint kit to our business. These will be kits that include wood blanks, paint, paint brushes...and so much more! Pretty much everything you need to create a complete project down to the apron! We will have kits for adults and kids. Some will be signs others will be coloring blanks and some can even be personalized! 

Here is an example of one I created for me! Yep, i have discovered I LOVE LOVE LOVE to paint! Sooooooo therapeutic! 

 Add your name to the Paint Kit wait list HERE!

By getting on the list you will get first dibs even before our Facebook group! 


As you can tell I am super excited about the direction we are headed but if at anytime you feel that Fero is no longer for you and you no longer want to receive emails please feel free to unsubscribe in the bottom of your original email.

We understand not everything is for everyone.

Lina, XO

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I’m excited for you and us. Thank you for all you do!! Hug and love from us in Tennessee. Your the best

Katrina Sue Glover

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