This has been a long time coming!

This has been a long time coming!

Welcome to The Creative Boss Mom Blog! 

     First things first, Who am I? I'm Lina Martinez, half of Fero Glitz and here's my story. I'm a creative mom of 3 very handsome sons (yep i'm a boy mom!) 2 with epilepsy and 1 of those 2 with developmental special needs so i stay pretty busy! I also have an amazing supportive fiance (the other half of Fero) that loves me through my not so lovable days (we all have those, don't we? Please tell me i'm not alone lol )Once upon a time I was Ophthalmic Technician for 14 years and thought that "eyes" would be my forever career(For those of you who don't know what that is, it's the person that starts your eye exam and assists the Ophthalmologist during the exam...interesting right?) I loved what I did, loved helping others and loved who I worked with but then life hit.

     In 2016 on top of the fact that I was already busy with work and home my step father who raised me since age 2 got very ill. I had to make a decision. I could continue the 9-5, overwork myself, barely see my children and not be able to help my mom with my dad OR I could take a leap of faith and sell all the crafty stuff I loved to make in hopes of making enough to pay the bills and maybe just maybe even be able to replace my income. So I of course chose my family. I chose to put them first and they became my why. So in 2017 Fero Designs LLC, which is our legal entity was born. With the help of my silhouette cameo 3 I was able to personalize shirts, can coolers and of course after many many MANY hours on YouTube I began to make and sell glitter tumblers!

     So here comes 2018 and I had this CRAZY idea (and yes people still look at me like i'm crazy when I say I sell glitter for a living, even my CPA haha) to sell glitter to other crafters just like me and guess what? Fero Glitz and the monthly Glitz pack came into play and the rest is history! In case your wondering YES I was able to replace my full time income. Yep! This mom of 3 kids who didn't know anything but how to work in a doctors office and who had every doubt in her head telling her she couldn't do it, did it. It wasn't easy. It was lots of long nights, some tears and frustration but I DID IT. 

If you've made it this far BRAVO!  Thanks for sticking with me :) 

So why am I starting a blog you ask? Starting a blog has been on my to do list FOREVER so this has been a long time coming! I have slacked on it. Partly because of fear (there goes that damn fear and doubt again) know we always get in our own way. Fear of what to say, how to say it, will I offend anyone, will anyone even read it? All of those and so much more. I've had so much to say for so long but fear has held me back. So much I have wanted to share with you...but today i'm taking that leap off the edge! 

     As women and moms we are always out their helping others. Cheering others on and not always giving ourselves grace to do what we feel is important. So this blog first and foremost is for me to move past my fears and continue to help Creative Boss Moms like myself break past their fears and move toward doing something for them. My passion is helping others to thrive in their creativity. To encourage them to share their gifts with the world and learn to use those gifts to create some revenue for their families just like I was able to do. This blog will focus on all things creative but beyond that I want to showcase that as moms and women entrepreneur we have the ability to do and achieve anything we put our hearts, minds and soul into. I am excited for this new addition to Fero and I hope you join me for fun as well as some not so fun topics that as Creative Boss Moms we must know.

Talk to you soon! 

Lina, XO


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Jenny Townsley

I Love your journey Lina, I’m also a working mom of 10 with my 90 year old mom living with us and I try to keep my craft business moving forward too.


Love you Lina!!!!

Sarah Hesselbacher

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